Former Military Hospital
Hogeweg 70
in Amersfoort

For sale

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Object information

Address: Hogeweg 70, 3814 CG Amersfoort
Current use: Under temporary management
Designated use: Offices: usage may be altered under certain conditions
Surface (GFA): approx. 5,071 m²
Size of plot: 21.930 m²
Year of construction: approx. 1877

For sale shortly: Hogeweg 70 in Amersfoort


The property is located about 500 metres from the old town centre of Amersfoort, between Hogeweg and Zeevaarderspad. The main entrance is on Hogeweg, one of the main roads into the city. There are homes and schools in the immediate surroundings. There is a rear entrance on Zeevaarderspad.

Description of property
The property is a collection of historic buildings in a park-like setting (1877-1894). The site is enclosed by a fence with gates at the front and rear sides. The rear section of the property is surrounded by a moat. There is an imposing entrance area at the front, mainly for use by the main building. The positioning of the different buildings creates several enclosed green spaces outside. The site is also home to various tall and imposing trees.

The main building (1877) has a rectangular floor plan, with the long sides running parallel to Hogeweg. The building includes a basement, above which, on a plinth, there are two floors, a mezzanine and an attic. The main building has a main section that houses the main entrance, the staircase and the rear entrance. The staircase at the rear of the building leads to the upper storeys and the mezzanine. The attic is accessible from the mezzanine via a simple steep wooden staircase. On each storey, parallel to the front of the building, there is a central corridor that provides access to the various sections of the building.

In each corner of the main building there is a curved connecting wing that joins the main building to one of four barracks (dating from 1877). These four barracks have a rectangular floor plan, with the longer sides parallel to the main building. Each barracks also has a second entrance, at the far ends of the barracks buildings seen from the main building.

On each side of the entrance driveway, there are two more barracks buildings (dating from 1894), which are perpendicular to Hogeweg. These two barracks are linked to the curved connecting wings with straight corridors. These straight corridors also have exits to reach the outside area. On the north side of the complex, near the rear entrance of the site, there is a free-standing barracks (dating from 1877) with an entrance at each end.
The seven barracks are all single-storey with slanted roofs, and they each contain one large room together with several smaller ones.

In the rear outdoor area, between the main building and free-standing barracks dating from 1877, there are two more free-standing buildings (1915). Both buildings consist of two single-storey rectangular structures with a slanted roof and an intermediate area which links them. Both buildings, including the linking section, contain several smaller and larger spaces. These detached buildings could be replaced by new buildings, providing strict requirements are met.

Year of construction:
1877: main house with four barracks, detached barracks on the north side
1894: two barracks on the south side, small extension to main building
1915: two free-standing buildings
from 1950: extensions at rear of main building, free-standing buildings in northeast corner of site

Land registry information: Municipality of Amersfoort, Section G, No. 3447

Listed as a national monument
The main building of the Military Hospital with connecting wings and the seven barracks buildings are collectively listed as a national monument. In the description of the State Service for Cultural Heritage, the monument is described as follows: ‘The former Military Hospital is of general interest because of its architectural and historical value as an unspoiled and rare example of an infirmary; it is of cultural and historical value as a remnant from a significant period in Dutch military history. The complex is also important as a collection of buildings. In terms of urban planning, the complex is a valuable example of the typical functional structure of a confined site of a barracks.’
The architectural state and the layout of the building remain substantially intact, with the exception of the sections added after 1950. National monument: Complex number 517664 | monument numbers: 517665, 517666

The City of Amersfoort hopes that any planned redevelopment will create the best possible opportunity for a meaningful new use for the complex. The unique character of the complex implies that it should have a special function. It should not only make a good contribution to the local economy but also to image of the city.

The Central Government Real Estate Agency has therefore agreed with the City of Amersfoort that it is willing to alter the current designated usage (offices). Functions such as residential, possibly combined with care, would be welcome. Supporting catering facilities and, in very exceptional cases, a small-scale business would also be possible.

Whether a change of usage can be accommodated will be decided on the basis of the plans submitted by the purchaser. Aspects such as the quality of the plan, handling those buildings that are listed as monuments, and parking and accessibility will all be of relevance to any decision on a change of usage.

Viewings and further information
Interested parties can view the property (on dates yet to be announced) and will be given an oral presentation or the opportunity to exchange thoughts with the Central Government Real Estate Agency. You can register by mail for this at

We recommend cooperating with a Dutch partner for more information.

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