Haarlem Domed Prison Penitentiary Institute
Harmenjansweg 4
in Haarlem


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Object information

Address: Harmenjansweg 4, 2031 WK Haarlem
Current use: Prison
Designated use: Societal purposes - penitentiary institution
Surface (GFA): approx. 20,480 m²
Size of plot: 1.70.66 ha
Year of construction: approx. 1899

For sale shortly: Harmenjansweg 4 in Haarlem

19 parties involved in sale of domed prison.

The redevelopment of the domed prison in Haarlem is a unique and complex task. In order to ensure that the sale of the domed prison in Haarlem conforms as closely as possible to market expectations, it was decided to hold a market consultation for this property. Nineteen parties indicated their willingness to participate in the consultation process (the application process is now closed). The evaluation of the results of the market consultation by the City of Haarlem and the Central Government Real Estate Agency will take place in late November and early December. After the consultation, the input obtained will be processed and made available in anonymised form to all participants in the market consultation. Any market-sensitive information will be handled in strict confidence.

The domed prison complex on Harmenjansweg in Haarlem is partly a listed national monument. It has a gross floor area of about 20,480m², and a total area of 1.70.66 hectares. The Haarlem Penitentiary Institute was built between 1899 and 1901 by the then architect of the Ministry of Justice, William C. Metzelaar, using the panopticon principle that had already been applied by his father Johan F. Metzelaar in Breda and Arnhem. In the 1980s and 1990s a sizeable extension was built in the courtyard of the domed prison building (approximately 8,000m² GLA). This accommodates workspaces and a library, among other things.
The complex is made up of three clusters: the Dome (approx. 8,000m² GLA), the ‘De Vest’ remand centre (approx. 4,000 m² GLA), and the new-build cluster (approx. 8,000 m² GLA). The domed main prison building is almost free-standing and forms the heart of the complex: all the other buildings are arranged around it.

The complex is located on the edge of the city centre of Haarlem in the eastern part of the city in the Scheepmakerskwartier, and has excellent transport links. Haarlem railway station is less than a ten-minute walk away. Its strategic location relative to motorways and the city centre, together with its unique design, mean that the complex occupies a very special and distinctive position in the city of Haarlem.

Notwithstanding the public nature of the market consultation process, the Central Government Real Estate Agency and the City of Haarlem are searching for parties who are able to realise the redevelopment and would like to know their requirements. As such, interested parties are also asked to respond to the ambitions of the Central Government Real Estate Agency and the municipality, as well as to the sales process. This will also enable interested parties to influence the redevelopment opportunities for the domed prison. This market consultation process will also consider whether and under which circumstances interested parties are willing to proceed with the acquisition.

Role of current owner and municipality
The Central Government Real Estate Agency and the city of Haarlem concluded a Cooperation Agreement in October 2014 on the sale process for the domed prison in Haarlem. After all, it must be clear before the sale which goals the municipality and the Central Government Real Estate Agency share for the redevelopment and how cooperation will be forthcoming within the planning process. Both parties are willing to include insight gained during the market consultation into the follow-up process.
The Dutch government wishes to sell its domed prison complexes and will not participate in the redevelopment process. The draft ambition document forms the point of departure for the market consultation process and the formal sale process, which will begin in the spring of 2016. The objective of the Central Government Real Estate Agency is to arrive at a market price for the sale in a transparent manner as soon as possible after it is offered for sale.
In addition to selling the domed prison in Haarlem, the Central Government Real Estate Agency is also selling similar domed prisons in Arnhem and Breda.

At present, the Central Agency for the Reception of Asylum Seekers (COA) is using the complex to house asylum applicants, but this is temporary. The intention remains to sell the property within 1 to 1.5 years.

Procedure status  

  •  Publication
  •  Request bid book
  •  Selection phase
  •  Bidding phase
  •  Awarding
  •  Purchase agreement
  •  Transfer (current state)
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